"We needed some critical equipment replaced at our mine, and had very little opportunity for downtime. I wasn't sure if we would be able to pull it off. However, we hired MEI and they came up with out-of-the-box solutions we never thought about before. They provided front-end engineering, detailed design and construction support throughout the whole project. It was a major success due to MEI's innovation."

Jared McLean,P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

"As a designer, I know what it feels like to be under pressure to complete project requirements on time and within budget. Moody’s results speak for themselves. They are always professional and diligent with any project questions I have, and their overall integrity is unmatched, both within and outside their office."

Larry Pharr

Electrical Designer

"A structure with critical process lines failed, and we were losing production. Without MEI’s rapid engineered solutions and detailed repair plans, our company would have lost a lot of money. MEI provides excellent field support - I have not seen this from any other engineering firms; they answer the phone on holidays to support our 24/7 operation. MEI’s team is always very professional, personable and focused on results."

Walter Jones

Sr. Reliability Engineer

"We were exposed to an unsightly and dangerous condition in our retirement community. The engineering design by MEI has provided results beyond our expectations. Not only did the team provide timely corrective action, but they also gave us a more complimentary improvement to our community and the results look great! Moody Engineering exemplifies quality work from a quality company."

Board of Directors

Silver Lakes Homeowners Association of Lakeland

I have called on Moody Engineering literally hundreds of times, many under emergency conditions. From Florida to New Mexico, they have never not answered my call for help! MEI will always be my “go to” team for anything related to structural repairs and structural asset management, but they have also proven to be an excellent resource for larger scale Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Engineering designs. They have saved me a great deal of costs with their agile approach to projects and out-of-the-box thinking. There is no other group I have worked with in my 35+ year career that I have more confidence in or respect for.

Al SmitH

Sr. Project Manager



“Should I build it new or repair the old one?”


“How can I repair a structure and still keep my plant running?”

“How can I replace an asset without losing production?”

“How do I safely inspect an area I cannot easily access?”

“How do I upgrade this asset without any existing drawings?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.



heavy industries

We believe smart industrial businesses who want to be sustainable long-term

MUST prevent unexpected production loss at all costs.

How do you maintain production…while dealing with repairs or replacements…while managing capital projects? Instead of shutting everything down and hiring a big-named “expert” to design a solution that will cost you millions, just call Moody Engineering (we’ll answer - even after 5PM). 



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Moody Engineering was founded in 1996 by Steven Moody, P.E., President & Engineering Director of Moody Engineering, Inc.

After building a successful business in several heavy industries in Florida (phosphate, power, etc.) MEI has refocused on what we love most: building trusted relationships and solving complex problems.

You’ll find MEI’s approach to customer service to be refreshing. We are a full-service engineering firm designed to give you "outside-the-box" solutions quickly and help you maintain production without wasting time or money, you can rely on us.

We deliver high-quality engineering at a competitive price, and if you're not getting engineering solutions quickly enough or saving money on projects, MEI shows you how to do that too.

Steven Moody, P.E.
President & Engineering Director
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Jim Moody

Senior Vice President

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Bob Maul

Vice President & Director of Technology

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Marlene Moody

Office Manager

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Stuart Artman, P.E.

Director, Civil/Project Engineering

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Shawn Hamrick, P.E.

Vice President, Engineering

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Doug Royster

Director, Business Development

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