Bob Maul has spent the past 30 years developing an in-depth knowledge and passion for technology.   He is the critical driver and the principal reason Moody Engineering is at the cutting edge of 3D scanning, modeling and advanced software.  Bob enjoys giving customers the opportunity to see our designs come to life in a virtual world.  Using 3D modeling and advanced technology, he and his team set the bar high by ensuring projects stay under cost and within budget.

At his core, Bob values integrity, honesty, dependability and strong communication.  Being a trustworthy and dependable leader has helped him create and maintain long-term relationships with clients and employees.  Bob has deeply influenced Moody Engineering’s Company culture of making sure commitments kept without exception.  This mentality has established a contagious foundation of trust throughout Moody Engineering’s employees and management team.

Bob is an avid salt water angler and enjoys spending time with his wife and three children on the water catching redfish, snook and trout.  In fact, he would be on his boat every weekend if the tides were right!  He aims to instill his enthusiasm for fishing within his 4-year old son, who serves as the perfect co-captain when navigating the Florida Gulf Coast.

Bob Maul

Director, Technical Services