About Us

Moody Engineering, Inc. is a Florida-based group of consulting engineers that specializes in engineering and construction management design for commercial and industrial projects.

Since MEI’s founding in 1996, the company has expanded and added to its basic service options and offers full service AE design. We provide state-of-the-art BIM (3D) design, complex engineering evaluations, specialized structural inspections and forensic analysis to better meet our clients’ requirements, expectations, and specifications.

Our reputation precedes us as a superior consulting engineering firm built on long-term relationships with our clientele. We continually strive to meet our customers’ needs, responding to problems and situations after business hours when necessary.


Our professional engineers and staff have hands-on field experience and are aware of the unpredictability of the field environment.  We approach engineering and construction management in a practical and sensible manner.

Our engineers integrate creativity and ingenuity to address customer requirements.


MEI works closely with contractors and client project managers. Our engineers keep their associates informed of changes in the design or scope of work at all times.