The success of a project is largely dependent on the performance of the project manager and the tools and systems he or she uses to accomplish the project scope. The project manager, as the team leader, has ultimate responsibility for successful execution of the engineering project. We have some of the most talented and experienced project managers in the business, and each manager is carefully matched to a project depending on strengths and experience required. But successful project management is not just about the manager—it is also about the tools at his disposal.


Objectives and Strategies

− Scope Summary

− Execution Strategy

− Summary Cost and Schedule


Management System, Strategies, Plans and Procedures


− Quality Assurance/Quality Control

− Interfaces

− Risk Management

− Project Management

− Design 

− Permits

− Project Change Management

− Construction

− Commissioning and Start-Up

− Operations and Maintenance

− Ownership and Control

− Project Organization




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