MEI’s passion is creating structural systems for buildings of all shapes, sizes, and complexities and civil site and infrastructure designs for architectural projects. In addition to traditional structural and civil engineering services, we offer enhanced expertise in seismic, wind, vibration, existing building, performance-based, and blast engineering and site strategies for low-impact design, site infrastructure planning, and excavation shoring.

• Structural Systems Evaluation
• Preliminary Structural Design
• Structural Prototype Design
• Material and Cost Estimating
• Feasibility Studies
• Value Engineering
• Adaptive Reuse
• Historic Preservation
• Structural Design and Analysis
• Cast-in-Place Concrete
• Precast and Post-Tensioned Concrete
• Commercial, Heavy and Industrial Steel
• Residential Wood Framing
• Heavy and Glued-Laminated Timber
• Panelized Wood
• Pre-Engineered Building Systems
• Light Gauge Steel
• Curtainwall and Specialty Skin Systems
• Foundations and Retaining Walls
• High Seismic Analysis and Design
• Coastal Velocity Zone Design
• Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• Peer Review
• Steel Detailing
• Preparation of Shop Drawings
• Construction Administration
• Construction Observations & Reports
• Special Inspections
• Lift Plans
• Evaluation and Rehabilitation
• Failure Analysis
• Strengthening of Existing Structures
• Disaster Response
• Engineering Litigation


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